About Bennett Industries, Inc.

Bennett Industries, Inc. began in Tacoma, WA as a metal stamping company in 1954 and expanded its services adding machining, welding and fabrication, metal punching, forming and assembly. Most recent expansion includes tank cylinder pallets along with window and door carts for safer storage and handling.

Bennett Industries, Inc.’s Quality Policy and Objectives:

Quality Policy: Bennett Industries is committed to quality, on time delivery, and cost effectiveness to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of it products, services and the quality management system


Quality Objectives: Bennett Industries will continue to reduce our production defects.
Bennett Industries will continue to improve our on time delivery.

"Where would we be without our customers?"

We do our best to develop great working relationship and we encourage feedback to help us perform better. All our customers are important to us and we have posted just a few of them.